: 2003 called

After turning off social media, I faced a new problem: how will I stay up to date?

'member Google Reader?

A few years ago a colleague showed me TinyTinyRSS (TTRSS). It's like Google Reader but you have to run it yourself. Ordinarily I'm not a fan of maintaining my own technology stack, but TTRSS is pretty easy to setup. Bonus points: I can run it locally- no hosting fees, no external provider snooping and tracking- just an easy way to track changes on websites.

Setting up TTRSS with Docker was pretty trivial.

I found an old OPML dump of my Google Reader feed from The Before Time. TTRSS was able to import it! Times have changed, I'd say over half of the feeds I subscribed to are broken and another 30% aren't exactly relevant to my interests anymore.