: Social Media Blackout

I considered turning off social media several in the last few years. Today, after 10+ years on Facebook and Twitter, I turned it all off.

It's time for me to try an experiment - I completely purged all content from Twitter and Facebook.

The only remaining material on those sites will be links to this blog and Keybase identity verifications.


Constantly used. Social media didn't add value for me. To be more exact, social media negatively impacted me. Posts on the sites were cherry-picked from lives and that experience was anything but authentic... yet I needed to check Twitter/Facebook constantly. Social sites are designed to keep you logging in constantly. My social media purge is an attempt to cultivate more meaningful relationships.

Echo chamber. Social media further entrenched me in my echo chamber. I wanted to hear more diverse worldviews. My social media experience brought me closer to limited number of worldviews and worse- further surrounded me by people who are not interested in hearing dissenting views. My social media purge is an attempt to break that cycle.

Trust. Finally, I don't trust companies with the data collected. Not just the photos I upload or forms I filled out- but my viewing habits, things I type into a status update but don't post, and others.

I do not trust my data to good will of companies with fiduciary responsibilities to their shareholders. My social media purge is not just disabling the account or stop logging in, but an attempt to take my data back.